Blockbuster Mall rebranding
Owing to its scale, Blockbuster Mall is honoured as the biggest shopping and leisure centre in Ukraine. Rebranding was required before setting the great ship to the big sea. Colours, logotype and a cinema inspired name were the legacy that we had to work with.
To differentiate the mall from competitors and create a striking identity for it, drawing on the existing legacy.

We converted all the challenges into opportunities. In cinema, a blockbuster is a highly popular and commercially successful movie. That’s why our decision was to play around the multifaceted cinema world.

We began with a mall affirmation: “You are the lead character of Blockbuster Mall”. Now every mall visitor can say without kidding that they were a blockbuster lead character.

The cinema poster look, adored by all movie buffs, was used in the outdoor advertising templates, design of indoor directional signs and business cards. Besides the typical business cards, we also created unusual popcorn pack business cards for employees.

A brand hero that runs on letters appeared in the logo design, with a static and dynamic version. He embodies the Blockbuster Mall visitor, and he can do anything, just like a lead character in a movie: run, jump, transform and even get on the mall sign. For variety in brand identity, we developed brand hero alternatives.

Dynamical screens were put in the basis of identity, since they are crucial for projecting a film. Just as crucial as recognizable blockbuster fonts, which everyone remembers from watching movies on old VHS tapes back in the days.