Series of clips “Coffee to suit any taste” for Chorna Karta
The “Chorna Karta” brand offers a wide range of coffee in every category (instant, ground, whole bean) and for various methods of making coffee (in a cup, a cezve or a coffee machine). However Ukrainians are rather conservative: not everyone is ready to experiment and try unusual coffee recipes.
To demonstrate that coffee can be different and there are various methods of making it.

A series of Youtube clips emphasizes the brand slogan “coffee to suit any taste”. For this purpose our scenarios covered a variety of coffee recipes which we picked up from Internet users.

In every clip we surprised our viewers with an unusual ingredient that was added to coffee. A juicy orange wedge, a cardamom pod, red pepper, popcorn, and ice became integral parts of the drink.

We managed to show a variety of recipes prepared with “Chorna Karta” coffee in such an appetizing way. Now every Ukrainian can feel like a real barista by recreating a recipe or even coming up with their own.