Creative platform «The city will speak to you first» for EasyPay

There are many mobile payment apps for everyday tasks (riding transport, buying groceries, filling up a car with petrol etc). However, all of them require many steps: scanning a QR code, following links and tons of confirmations.

EasyWallet, a product by EasyPay company is all about simplicity, convenience and actual everyday needs. EasyWallet app cares for people and reminds them about payments through push notifications, and the user only needs to click “OK”.

To inform the audience about the app and differentiate it from the competitors.

We developed a creative platform “The city will speak to you first” to emphasize the uniqueness of this app. The whole city struck up a direct conversation with citizens. All of it began with city transport, which advised commuters to change to a more advanced trip payment method.

Soon after, supermarkets spoke to people as well. This was mostly caused by quarantine due to the coronavirus: Ukrainians were asked to leave their houses as little as possible in order to stay safe. However, there was still a need to shop for groceries, so EasyPay tackled it in its application.

Supermarkets urged citizens to stay at home through outdoor advertising and SMM, while EasyPay promised to tackle the question with groceries.

At the moment, transport and supermarkets have spoken to the audience, but in a while restaurants, cafes, petrol stations and the whole city will, too.