Digital experiment for Activex brand
Activex soap entered the ukrainian market in difficult times. Because of the coronavirus, everyone began to take care of the cleanliness of their hands but quite a few knew about the brand's products.
Launch Activex brand on the ukrainian market.
We decided to make Activex soap work visible. A 15-second banner was created in a collage style, in which the comfort of bacteria was violated. The second stage was cooperation with influencers. We invited a specialized laboratory to conduct an experiment. Its essence was to check your hands before and after using the soap. This required a powerful microscope with a magnification of up to 2500 times and a resolving power of 20 nanometers. Seven bloggers took part in the experiment: restaurateur Orest Muriy, owner of a healthy food store Olga Nemchuk, IT coach Yulia Norets and insta-mothers Masha Vesna, Galya Smernova, Mila Moskalenko, Tatiana Bogashova.