Guerrilla cybercampaign “torrentsoftruth”
Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, all independent and opposition media in Russia have been recognized as foreign agents and are leaving the country. Hundreds of journalists have gone abroad and cannot speak the truth openly. At the same time, horrendous propaganda is gaining momentum. The truth about the war in Ukraine has become illegal on the territory of the Russian Federation.
It was necessary to find a unique way that would help reveal the truth and tell what is really happening on the territory of Ukraine. The war should be called a war, and not a “special operation to denazify Ukraine”, as they say in the Kremlin.
Our response to the propaganda was a cyberguerrilla campaign using Russian torrent trackers that was created together with the agency 72andSunny Amsterdam. Ukrainian and Russian journalists recorded video files with the truth about the war in Ukraine - they told about everything they saw, know and really happened. Small "information bombs" were embedded in the files of films, series, musical compositions and training download videos for graphics programs. By downloading a new blockbuster via torrent, Russian users not only learn the truth, but also become its distributors. We managed to infect thousands of Russian computers with the “truth virus”.
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