Identity design for EamCOMMERCE
The e-commerce market is now growing rapidly, and among it, the EamCommerce brand is growing as well. The company creates, manufactures, and sells products in the US, Canada, and Europe. At the same time, the company's CEO created a group on Facebook, where he shares lifehacks in the field of e-commerce. Over time, this has grown into full-fledged consulting, mentoring, and expertise on "growing" brands. To complete the formation of the brand, we need to give it individuality.
To develop an identity for a company whose main rule is to grow constantly.
We started by creating a naming — EamCOMMERCE. This title uses with effect both e-commerce and the phrase «I am», which also refers to Amazon. Eam has also linked all of the company's subsidiary brands: EamPARTNERSHIP, EamMENTORSHIP, EamCONSULTING, EamCOMMUNITY, EamINVESTMENT. In addition, the company's slogan — “Intergrow businesses” reminds of continuous development. To emphasize the growth of both EamCOMMERCE and its customers, we have created a "growing" identity. Due to its stratification, the logo began to form a monolith that strives for infinity. Besides the static logo, EamCOMMERCE received a motion version. In it, the name of the company literally grows up. We kept the color palette of the corporate style in a cold but saturated key. Due to the presence of EamCOMMERCE umbrella brands, each of the colors was attached to a specific direction. The website, the presentation template, business cards (of course digital), online conference backgrounds, social media branding, auto-signature, blanks and welcome drink (a special cocktail that will be presented to all EamCOMMERCE partners) also became the elements of the corporate identity.