Information campaign “Stop Z”
On February 24, Russian troops, marked with the letter Z, launched an attack on Ukraine. The war has begun. The Russians are dropping bombs on peaceful cities, killing children, women and the elderly. This is a real genocide of the Ukrainian people. Marking themselves with the Z sign, the Russians have created a new swastika in the 21st century. Now the letter Z for Ukrainians is associated with war and death.
Support the information war and unite the whole world in the fight against Russia and Russian fascism.
We offered global brands, in the names of which the letter Z, to support Ukraine. It was for them that we created a special site, where we talked about the mechanics of the flash mob. It was necessary to replace the letter Z with a capital one, which was 3 in spelling and resembled an inverted coat of arms of Ukraine — a trident. Such a change in brand identity is really an important support for Ukrainians, because: Z is the death of Ukrainian children, women, the elderly! Z stands for destroyed cities and captured nuclear power plants. Z is hunger, bullying, robbery. Z is a lie. Z is the new swastika. Z is Russia, which revived fascism in Europe. Our flash mob should stop Z and help Ukraine in the information war!