“Kids again” for Lifelovers

The Charity Foundation “Lifelover” organises leisure activities for people of respectable age and provides them with targeted assistance. Lifelovers try to keep up with trends, to be modern, but they do not believe in miracles. It is believed that at their age this is no longer relevant.

On New Year’s Eve companies are thinking about memorable and surprising present to colleagues. In order to solve two problems at once, the fund prepared an unusual corporate gift.

To promote a donation to Lifelovers as a corporate gift.

New Year is the long-awaited holiday of all children because exactly on that day Santa Claus leaves presents under the Christmas tree. But by getting older, people cease to believe in miracles, lose their festive fuse, and Santa Claus completely ceases to exist for them.

To make Lifelovers feel the festive mood once again, we embodied the image of Santa Claus into employees and partners of companies.

Based on this, we created a two-in-one gift charity card - a corporate gift and a donation to the fund.

The texts inside the postcard are stories of Lifelover, sincere declarations to Santa Claus. Lifelovers have long ceased to believe in him and write holiday letters. But with the help of a gift, everything has changed, now Lifelovers even know the real names of Santa Clauses and are very grateful for that.

Lifelovers images bring the receiver back to the New Year’s memories and fairy tale. Messages about regular charity subscription increased the number of regular Maecenas.

Garik Korogodsky has started the campaign, and subsequently, opinion leaders will join the project. They will spend time with the Lifelovers: give them their attention, teach them something new. In gratitude for this, Lifelovers will give bloggers their own branded postcards.

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