M82 location launch

There are lots of small event-location around the Kyiv. Whereas there are no large and significant locations on a grand scale for events in Kiev.

Meanwhile, a huge Tetra Pak factory was empty on Podil: thousands of square meters were abandoned and useless. For large Kiev, a new, fresh and large location was required.

To create massive and attractive event-location in order to please the Kyiv’s party people with the new and unique place!

We gave a second life to the empty plant and turned it into a fashionable location that became popular immediately. A geotag appeared on the Kyiv map — M82!

Event-location M82 — is a cultural, educational, concert, advertising, night center of Podil. 18 000 м² opened their doors to guests.

Identity is based on monumental urbanism and laconicism. The number “82” is entered as the house number (location address is Mezhigorskaya 82), and simple forms allow you to dynamically use the logo in creating presentation patterns and outdoor advertising.

M82 is in demand of events of all directions. The location has already hosted such major and significant events as: a concert by Ivan Dorn, don’t Take Fake festivals, Kyiv Vibe City festivals, Big Money intensive and Devoxx conference, as well as CEE — a major electronics exhibition.