“Lav mic in the center of everything” for Powerdewise

PowerDeWise lavalier microphone brand— a bestseller on Amazon. The time to go beyond the trading platform and conquer new channels have come.

In ordinary life, the mini mic is always invisible and its value also seems small. It is even difficult to draw the attention of an ordinary viewer, and bloggers are a particularly spoiled audience.

Launch the product campaign for American bloggers.

In the USA, the number of YouTube bloggers is growing at a frantic speed, even children are planning a future YouTube career. To have high-quality video content, a lavalier microphone is needed.

$22 PowerDeWise mini mic is a perfect “First Microphone” for a blogger.

To accurately reach the audience, we decided to create a super product ad - a 6-second YouTube video. Our team put a lav mic in the middle of everything and made a microphone with super abilities. It not only gives subscribers but also mounts anywhere. And here we mean the back, but not what you thought!

For the audience to accurately notice such a small product, we attached about a thousand lac mics to the suit and even created hairstyle made of mini mics.

But the campaign does not end on this point. In collaboration with a blogger, we plan to film a promo-video in a prank style. This means, that further will be even more interesting.

lavalier microphones
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