LG Dream House
A dream house is a space where you and the most important people in your life feel comfortable. This is the place where you want to come back, where you enjoy delicious smells, where everything is clean and beautiful, where you can focus on your hobbies, spend time with those you love, have your space, where you can have fun and relax, and where you have everything to do home routine without wasting too much time and effort. LG presents unique innovations that make every home a dream house.
To demonstrate the benefits of LG home appliances to potential buyers and distributors

On the central squares of Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, Dnipro, and Yalta, we have built two-story modern houses equipped with all the best LG innovations.

We wanted to share all the new products and allow our guests to "communicate" with the equipment, so we put aside the idea of guided tours around the houses and left them to operate as is.

In the LG Dream House, a guest could visit only a zone of interest and get the most detailed information about the appliances. This helped us to avoid negative feedback to unnecessary information (e.g., teenagers are unlikely to be interested in fridges, while will certainly take smartphones).

At the entrance, hostesses briefed guests about the rooms and what can be seen there. The dream house was fenced with a low fence, in the perimeter of which there was a “family” of 4 mimes. Cute and funny, they played with LG appliances and gadgets, draw the attention of passersby, got them involved, and invited them into the house.

LG Dream House was home with all functional areas (a kitchen, living room, game room, home entertainment, office, etc.).

Hostesses welcomed guests, treated them with popcorn straight off the oven, and invited them to play video games, watch movies, and take some juice from a fridge.

Thus, the brand zone has evolved from an exhibition area into a cozy space, where you could not only learn about the benefits of LG technology but have fun.

houses built
80 000
publications in leading media
by 15%
increase in sales