Life:) Info Day
At a large company, an average employee who has to attend a corporate party usually thinks: “What the boring thing is that conference / official part. Calm down, be patient, and wait for entertainments”. As a result, after a while, they usually remember nothing from official presentations, so corporate events lose their primary goal.
To surprise even experienced attendees of corporate events

The event was dedicated to the 5th anniversary of Life:). The agency was tasked with creating an event to change the employees' attitude to a corporate event, to shift the focus from entertainments to the official part making everyone talk about what they see at the conference inside and outside the company, to keep up the intrigue of the event from the beginning to end, and to create a modern design and style for all event elements.

We decided to focus on the unique presentation of information at the official part, which includes a conference, to get the most powerful emotional impact on the audience. Then, we strengthened the intrigue with our creative approach to the organization of space and the transition from one zone to another.

It was the first time in Ukraine when the 3D mapping technology was used at a conference!

The special content was developed for each section of the report. With all the new technologies, the conference was held "in one breath". Large-scale decorations were also developed and used in support of the overall idea (we were pioneers in using transformable scenes and mobile spaces).

According to all guests, the official part was the most exciting experience at the event and got strong feedback from the staff. Our Agency received a letter of acknowledgment from the life’s:) General Manager. Foreign guests and investors also noted the European standards of service and the Agency’s creative approach.

Over 5 years
The event got the highest score
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