Manifesto ‘Ukraine is our Earth’ for the special Adweek issue
To support Ukraine in difficult times of war, the most popular advertising media 'Adweek' released a special issue 'On Ukraine, by Ukrainians', the funds from which will go to help Ukrainians.
To draw the attention of the creative community to the war in Ukraine and help in charitable fundraising.
We decided to join the Adweek`s initiative and created the 'Ukraine is our Earth' project in collaboration with the Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam agency. This work is based on one of the most famous photographs of the Earth, taken by NASA in 1990, and the iconic speech of astronomer Carl Sagan 'Pale Blue Dot', which he dedicated to this image. Inspired by Sagan's work, we created a tribute to his speech to tell the world how every Ukrainians feel now. The rethought manifesto was renamed to 'Pale yellow-blue dot' and became a powerful message of Ukraine to society. In the text, the pale dot that was originally the Earth became Ukraine. And the yellow ray against the blue sky turned into a visual symbol of hope that Ukrainians do not lose despite the dark times.