«Mirror Shaving» gift sets for ARKO MEN
ARKO MEN is a conservative brand with a 60-year-long history. Because of this, mostly older generation uses the company's products. Millennials perceive ARKO MEN as a “shaving foam of my dad/grandpa”.
To create striking and unusual gift sets for the purpose of rejuvenating the ARKO MEN target audience.

“Mirror Shaving” gift sets have this name for a reason – it’s all about the front side of the box. We slightly altered the 60-year-old company logo to make it hipster: we enlarged the brand hero’s beard and executed it as a mirror surface. It transformed the gift set into a totally functional accessory, which you can use to shave anywhere.

We developed eight gift set designs and picked 4 brand coherent colours for them. Special attention was paid to the font and a semicircle shaped set name. The result did not scare away the regular target audience of the brand but managed to engage the youth. Now ARKO MEN can be picked from the same shelf by grandsons and grandpas alike.

We added a dash of humour in the technical information outline on the back side of the set, so one of the phrases goes like this: “The gel has a cooling effect so that your cheeks won’t burn and blaze”.

So from now on there’s no need for a special occasion to buy a gift set. “Mirror Shaving” is a must have for every day.