Nebo Agency rebranding

The world does not stand still, and the whole industry moves on too. Brands are growing, technologies are developing, and the ways we all work are changing. Event agencies and highly specialized companies become less mobile. Nebo Event Agency is 14 years so far. We have achieved, done, implemented, and learned lots of things over these years.

Nevertheless, one day, it became clear that we had to expand to stay afloat and had to be multifunctional and flexible, develop and remain in the mainstream while keeping our traditions and adhering to our principles. Besides, our agency has become too small for its regular activities and formats. It was essential to expand the range of opportunities and services. As our principles of work evolve, so does the design industry with the new principles of strategy shaped, efficiency and methods of communication changed, and new technologies developed. The boundaries between different spheres and genres become increasingly blurred, combining things by content, rather than by form. The channels no longer define the idea.

To relaunch the agency and the marketing market of Ukraine

The sky is unlimited: wherever we go, our eyes will see the sky. And what is behind the sky is infinity. Our Nebo expands horizons, starting with it.

First of all, we looked at our expertise, our team, and the overall market needs. We understood that we could and should focus on four aspects of marketing products: to develop a strategy, to design identity, to communicate, and to make production. As for the visual perception of our brand and its image, we decided not to go beyond our aesthetics and philosophy, i.e., the way it is conveyed through the agency’s name – Nebo [the sky]. The prefix Event Management is now replaced by Ideas Agency so that the final name looks less traditional, but clearly states our mission – to be an agency that brings ideas to life, not just an advertising agency. Visually, we have changed almost everything and created a unique corporate identity from scratch: very concise, discreet, unostentatious, but soft elements with smooth corners and colors, since today’s design feature a lot of gradients. We also use animated elements, symbolizing expansion, space, and telescopes. The sky theme was also used in our postcards, corporate signatures, and presentations.

We have combined the new idea, expanding the borders, and our former idea, ​​the sky, into the concept of ​​space, the search for what is beyond the sky, beyond the horizon.

We used all these elements in our signature gifts to our customers and friends who received our branded boxes with telescopes, lenses, a postcard, and light diodes shining like stars in the sky.

We have also updated our website as we understand that digital content serves as a business card for colleagues and clients. To celebrate the rebranding in the real world, we have organized a great party on the day of the winter solstice, the longest and coldest night of the year, and gathered at the house of our umbrella brand, MONEYGUN Family Label. We warmed ourselves with grog and mulled wine from Loafers Bar, looked at stars through telescopes, which had already become our symbol, talked to soulmates and customers, took pictures, and enjoyed a warm-hearted atmosphere under the boundless starry sky.

years of operation
new focus areas
gift boxes with telescopes
months for a full relaunch