Promotional campaign for Happy Paw Charitable Foundation
The closer the holidays are, the more often people think about gifts for their loved ones. By tradition, we give each other souvenirs for good luck and amulets for happiness. But luck in the new year will be needed not only for people, but also for the Happy Paw funds — lonely cats and dogs from shelters.
To raise funds for the maintenance of the fund's shelters and give people a festive mood.
There is an old belief that $ 2 is bound to bring a lot of income and good luck. For years, many Ukrainians have carefully kept a bill with Thomas Jefferson in their wallets and gifted such copies for the holidays. We decided to activate the magic of 2 dollars and make it so that luck will overtake everyone in the new 2022, and especially the animals from the shelter. Together with Happy Paw, we developed a promotional campaign in which we urged people to donate $ 2 to the fund and activate their luck, because kindness is a real talisman. The key visuals with the lucky bill were posted on the fund's social networks and placed in outdoor advertising media. Next to them, special boxes were installed to collect lucky bills. The promotion was supported by pet shops, cafes and shops. Foxtrot even launched a special raffle of gifts, timed to coincide with the activation. In the posters, we played with the monetary style and integrated the fund's logo into the banknote, and the font for the slogan was synchronized with the inscription on the original banknote.