Rebranding and communication for a network of photocopy centers
Photocopycenter is a new brand of copy centers in Mariupol. The general name and outdated corporate identity prevented the brand from developing and reaching the national level.
Determine the ways of the company's development during the strategy session and create a strong national brand with a stylish identity and memorable naming.
Create a dynamic system that will become the basis of naming, design and communications. We have developed a creative brand slogan “Dobre nadrukovano” (Good printed), which became the naming and background for the visual identity. The basis of the logo was a simple typeface and a gradient block. And the texts embedded in the dynamic element, on the one hand, show the services and offers from "Dobre nadrukovano" and, on the other hand, act as a guarantee slogan. The two main colors — black and white — refer to the basics of printing, and the accent yellow adds status to the brand and makes the identity more saturated. The new philosophy also formed the basis of creative posters that have evolved into unusual outdoor advertising. On them, we depicted color canvases of various exotic shades and colors, demonstrating that the company prints even the most subtle shades well. In the second product series of posters, we played in the territory of literalism and visual demonstration, telling what exactly can be printed well in a copy center.