Rebranding for IGROTECO wooden toys
IGROTECO is a modern toy for modern Ukrainians who cherish the hope that a child’s development is an interesting world of logic. Thanks to IGROTECO, the family gains experience of being together, distracting themselves from gadgets and cartoons on Youtube, immersing themselves in the world of analog logic, where you have to compose, think, rearrange and interact with your own hands.
To create a dynamic corporate identity that would present IGROTECO as a modern player among competitors and help mark a wide range of toys.
We have created a corporate identity with color coding that will be understandable to both children and adults. Four basic colors emphasized the simplicity of design thought. Branded elements were collected from elementary geometric figures — because they are the foundations of geometry and logic. The dynamism of the corporate style and the construction of the logo reflects the main values of the brand — development and logic. The logic and consistency is demonstrated by the ever-changing elements that are an integral part of the logo. Colored shapes create a variable system that has a unique self-identification. Each trend or collection receives its own unique outline of the IGROTECO logo.