«Spoon» video for Chorna Karta
The products of the Chorna Karta brand are presented in all categories, from grain coffee to instant coffee. If a preparation of the first coffee option requires a little effort, then with the second everything happens the other way around.
Show the ease of preparation of instant coffee "Chorna Karta".

In a world where everything is complicated, we decided to make the preparation of instant coffee the easiest process. For this the form of the ritual was chosen, which consisted of 3 simple phrases:

Ложка – туди.

Ложка – сюди.

Потім налити зверху води.*
*one spoon there, one spoon here. Then, add some water on top

Thanks to the poetic form, the “recipe” is easy to remember and, as a result, is easily transmitted.

In the video, we show the history of a courtyard with its welcoming tenants. In the frame we have a young girl, a married couple, an artist, and a nice man-architect. All characters are very different, but they are united by the morning ritual. The bridge between all residents is a magic spoon. It travels to different apartments and, without the participation of heroes, prepares everyone for a morning charge of cheerfulness and lightness.