Logo for the charitable foundation “True Victory”
Since the beginning of the military aggression, Ukrainians have created a powerful charitable front in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Territory Defense. One of such funds, “True Victory”, did not have a visual code and therefore could not be seen among hundreds of organizations.
To create a logo that would reflect the pulse of time and be clear to every Ukrainian.
The founders of the charity fund, Ukrainian young businessmen from around the world, cannot accept that the enemy has crossed the red line of Ukraine's state border. The agency embodied this idea in a dynamic identity. The thin red line (as in Terrence Malik's film of the same name) became the main symbol, and the sketches of our border clearly showed that the enemy had crossed it and was committing terror in our territory. Each direction of the fund received its own sketch of the state border and a unique logo. We are proud of Ukrainians from all over the world who are trying to help their motherland to defeat the invaders.