AVON against Cancer

Happiness and health have much in common: you do not notice them when they are. The woman’s mission is to preserve eternal values. Thinking about herself, a woman gives a happy life to everyone nearby! Every day starts with a particular "item" in her to-do list for today. And all these items require a considerable amount of time and energy! Our whole life is a road. And whatever modern editions write about the equality of men and women, the woman is undoubtedly the heart, the center, and the navigator of the “road of life”.

A daughter, a wife, a mother, a business partner… the list of woman's roles which make sense of her life is not exhaustive.

To draw attention to the problem of women's health and physically engage the audience in solving this problem

At the event “One Day Walking for the Life," we draw woman’s attention to the most important thing – to herself! Every kilometer of the road she walks that day will be of great importance for her because she does it for the sake of the health and happiness of her dearest people – parents, children, husband, and close family. It is the “pink mile” that will become especially symbolic for her, because it will make her think about simple, important, but underestimated things, such as “I” and “attention to myself”. We expand the idea to visually emphasize that the woman is the cornerstone of the well-being of her family, and the health of her loved ones depends on her regular medical examinations (followed, if necessary, by appropriate treatment). After all, when someone in a family is unwell, the others would never be happy.

The walking route was in the form of a ribbon, the symbol of the action. Having received a map of Kyiv, which shows the way in the form of the event’s logo, our participants were even more inspired.

The event included the meeting and registration of participants, the formation of the column, the walking along the 5 km route and a concert in support of the main message – “A woman must be healthy”. The concert was attended by Alena Vinnytska (Avon Ambassador), Gaitana, Sky, Vasily Bondarchuk, Dazzle Dreams, Andrey Domansky, Tatyana Ramus, Andrey Kravchuk, and many other celebrities. According to Avon, that year they managed to reach a qualitatively new level. The adequately built PR campaign and the work of the Agency helped to exceed the initial target of 5,000 participants and involve 9,200 people. Also, for the first time, there was a live broadcast on a TV channel to draw people’s attention to the event (and the overall problem of breast cancer) not only in Kyiv but also throughout Ukraine.

300 000
5 km
A column long
awards to the Agency