Brand rave Marlboro gold edge
Tobacco brands have to somehow deal with government bans on advertising. Therefore, it is not so easy to hold their campaigns in unusual and non-standard ways and find a balance between unique promo activities and available options, since all competitors face the same challenges.
To hold a vibrant event with many unexpected solutions and show the beauty of the unpredictability of the future
The audience of the International Exhibition Center was electrified by the long-awaited headliner – DJ Tiesto, an icon of the global club music, whose 5-hour show excited the crowd. Four forces – the sound, light, laser show, and pyrotechnics – drove the dance floor. The show was supported by some exclusive solutions: unique Corridor into the Future with a panoramic video of the Marlboro Gold Edge which helped the brand to contact with everyone attending the party, a VIP lounge area with its premium-class stylish atmosphere for all visitors and conceptual Robo-PJs which have already become a symbol of the brand’s presence on the largest rave parties across the country. A spectacular Marlboro’s VJing was broadcasted on a giant screen above the DJ platform. And a DJ place, equipped with LED flat screens, was arranged in the pool proving the name of the event “Wait for surprises”!
15 000
30 000
unique contacts with visitors
hour concert
2 000
visitors attended the branded VIP area