Launch of the Savory brand on the market
Savory is a new ambitious player in the pet food market. It is difficult to eclipse competitors and become a niche leader because the audience does not understand the difference between Savory and the well-known Royal Canin, Brit or Acana.
To launch a new brand at the highly competitive animal feed market.
To differentiate Savory from its competitors, we have developed positioning «The taste of life. Having a personal blog on Instagram, chatting with the owner on Petcube and even having dinner with the same favorite dishes — all this staff is an integral part of the modern pets life, and in order to enjoy this taste to the fullest, there is a Savory. The NEBO agency is always a synonym for the phrase “non-standard approach”, this project is proof of that. In order to divert the brand from the faceless category of "feed", we have turned it into a gourmet dish, because our pets deserve food with quality and tasty ingredients. That is why an elegant cloche was chosen as a central visual element of advertising. It emphasized the atmosphere of haute cuisine and became a feature of Savory. For points of sale, we have even developed unique price tags made of mirror paper, depicting cloches. And the column "Savory dishes" has become an independent category on online platforms and due to this separated from the feed-competitors. The brand's freshly prepared strategy has been reflected in different communication channels. In the audio jingle "Savory «dingle» is served» we played around the sound of serving dishes in a restaurant. This sound also decorated the videos and became the basis of the radio advertising.