Parliament’s promo of “The Art Ukraine”
The great Ukrainian artist Kazimir Malevich created his legendary The Black Square a hundred years ago. The significance of this masterpiece can hardly be overvalued – it has changed the idea of ​​art in the whole world and gave rise to a new direction – Suprematism. The ideas of the suprematists are seen not only in the fine art, but also in graphics, architectural design, fashion, and even literature. And today’s Ukraine features the formation of a new generation of suprematists who have already had their exhibitions at the Saatchi Gallery and Metropolitan, including in particular Anna Naduda, Alliance 22, and Tenpoint. Our task was to come up with a brand new format of a social event that could impress guests and create a WOM effect around the Parliament Brand given that any media events around cigarette brands are banned in Ukraine. The events were held through the Parliament’s platform Beyond Art and were designed to create an association between the brand and the art.
To create and enhance the association of the Parliament brand and innovative modern art

The parties were devoted to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Malevich’s Black Square. An unusual idea and non-standard invitations made the parties a legend well ahead of the events.

Inspired by Malevich’s ideas, Ukrainian artists of a new generation created interactive art objects and involved guests in the process of creating paintings and outstanding performances (such as suprematic mapping portraits, interactive hologram, and holographic art designs).

Onuka, Aloise, and the Maneken were the headliners of the party. It was an original, strong, and deep idea, uncommon for ordinary brand parties, which allowed us to create a social event of a new type and brought the brand perception to a new level. As a result, we got very powerful feedback in media and social networks, given the private nature of the party: free publications and photo reports were published in all leading social life media, and every second guest made at least one post on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. These parties have become one of the most high-profile events of 2015.

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1 500 000