Positive Change campaign for the inclusive atelier Lady Di
Lady Di is the first inclusive accessories atelier. The brand has achieved significant success on its own, but wanted to loudly declare its social mission.
Find a positioning and launch a bright project that will tell about the social mission of the brand.
First of all we have identified brand positioning and key messages in communication. After the strategic session, it became clear that the global idea of ​​the brand sounds like "self-realization". This is about adults and children with disabilities who create paintings-designs for scarves, which reveal their creative potential, and about mothers who are realized in their careers and work in a comfortable mode for them. Thus was born the project "You are a victory" with the participation of Paralympians. Its goal was to show that achievement does not end with medals, but is manifested in every effort that leads a person to realize their dreams and potential. Within a week, Lady Di created a design and sewed nearly a hundred twillies — long narrow scarves — in order to present them to the Paralympians before leaving for Beijing. The gift was their first prize at the 2022 Paralympic Games and reminded them that even without a medal, each of them is already a hero. The slogan of the campaign and the main message on the twillie was the phrase "You are the victory".