XS Power Drink. California Party
The main idea of the ​​energy drink XS Power Drink is to help you to do more things every day and stay young at any age. The challenge of the launching of the new energy drink in Ukraine was that two completely different audiences — consumers (representatives of Generation Y) and product distributors — should meet in one place, get to know each other and find common ground for efficient communication. At the same time, we should remember that all Amway products, including XS Power Drink, are directly marketed via face-to-face communication of consumers and authorized distributors who have different worldviews and lifestyles.

1. To effectively present the product to TAs and tell about the product launch in Ukraine

2. To surprise distributors and representatives of Generation Y, who will come to the event, with a vibrant party


The party combined the business section (presentation of the XS brand), co-working (a series of thematic master classes for guests) and entertainment (a concert).

Since all three parts were held at the same venue, we used innovative technologies both for the business section and in the entertainment program (such as interactive presentations, laser shows, flash mobs for guests, and multimedia shows). Thus, despite a vibrant program, our guests could relax and perceive the necessary information.

A bright night show featured the sets of the best Ukrainian DJ’s and the headliner – Joachim Garraud. The party gave lots of content for social media – brilliant photos and videos to share.

The guests could see that Amway evolves all the time, uses innovative approaches to doing business, surprises, and opens a new world to its consumers and distributors. We also demonstrated XS Power Drink as a brand that opens California for the guests with its legendary parties, easy-going atmosphere, energetic lifestyle, and popular trends.

For this purpose, we used innovative and non-standard solutions shared by our TA in the unlimited space of the Internet.

parts of the event