An art project for the Panfruit freeze-dried goods brand
Freeze-dried products are still a little-known category of goods for Ukrainian consumers, and Panfruit is a new player in this market. Potential consumers do not know the features and advantages of freeze-drying over drying or freezing. Therefore, we needed not only to launch a new brand but also to talk about its uniqueness.
Introduce to Ukrainians an organic freeze-dried products and set Panfruit apart from the competition.
To begin with, we defined the positioning of the brand as "the art of healthy snacking". Sublimated, or freeze-dried berries and fruits taste almost no different from fresh, so any dish at any time of year turns into a creative masterpiece. Therefore, the first serious communication of the new brand decided to start literally with an art. The complex formulation of "freeze-drying" is the processes of dehydration and vacuum freezing of products. It does not create another version of the original product, such as drying, but makes the product self-sufficient and adds a bright crunch to it. This is a new stage in fruit and berry evolution. To show this metamorphosis, we created the unusual Panfruit art. Due to it Van Gogh's "Still Life with Pears", Cezanne's "Curtain, Jug and Fruit" and Chardin's "Basket with Wild Strawberries" sparkle with fresh colors. We recreated the famous still lifes of the artists, in which replaced the original fruits and berries with sublimated ones. After sublimation, the products become rough on the outside, becoming similar in texture to those painted. Therefore, with a few strokes of the photographer's magic brush — and a new artistic trend in painting is ready.