HR campaign “Headhunting relatives” for Mazars
At the market of audit and consulting there are 4 companies that take leading positions: KPMG, EY, Deloitte, and PwC. When Mazars is considered to be a “brave number 5”: its employees do all the same work as competitors, but in a more human way.
To attract the attention of top professionals who will join Mazars.
We came up with an extraordinary approach — to search for employees with the help of their relatives. We posted the vacancies of an accountant’s and an audit manager`s relative, as well as a senior auditor`s friend in the most conservative social network — LinkedIn. In these openings, we emphasized that the company is suitable not only for the candidate, but also for his family. The LinkedIn page of “Mazars Ukraine” acquired the branding of the project: our slogan “Headhunting relatives” and even the positions of the company's current employees` relatives. We also talked to them on camera: we took an interview in which relatives talked about work in Mazars from their point of view. At the end of filming, all video heroes received personal real business cards with their comic positions. We also brought the innovation to the company and created an original extended job offer: from now on the applicants` relatives can add any wish to it, for instance a large pizza as a bonus or a Netflix family subscription. Using a relatives approach, we not only attracted top professionals for Mazars, but also reminded current employees that they work for the most humane company on the market.
Conservative social network
Unusual vacancies