The Misteriyage Fashion Masquerade Party

Cigarette brands face many restrictions, including an almost complete ban on advertising. Therefore, making a statement becomes ever more difficult for such brands which had to hold special events and parties to enhance their image.

On the one hand, both the hosts and jet sets are tired of endless cocktail parties and trendy events which become routine. On the other, it is clear that an alternative event could hardly gather the TA required for our client, Parliament, an expensive and mature brand. That is why we decided to enhance the usual formats with a non-standard invitation and to refresh the format of the event itself with involving activities. We were inspired by the recent success of Sleep No More parties – the New York’s interactive theater performances with the scripts seemed to be teamwork by Kubrick, Hitchcock, and William Shakespeare. We decided to combine all our ideas and successful experience of the world capital with the mission of the Parliament brand to hold a brand new event that would excite Kyiv.

To hold a memorable event standing out from other similar parties to enhance the image of the creative and bold brand

Inspired by New York’s experience, we have been the first in Ukraine who ventured on a similar experiment and held a party called “THE ART”. A week before the mysterious event, we sent intriguing invitations – colorful masks – to our guests and pumped Facebook and Instagram with their photos and guesses about the details of the event, keeping the intrigue until the very beginning of the Beyond the FASHION Party. As a part of the opening ceremony, a snow-white tent was put before the Toronto Business Center in front of the Nicholas Roman Catholic Church. In laser rays, the tent enhanced the deliberately rough decorations of the rooms and added entourage to the designer party.

The color of the invitation masks determined the start time of the performance for guests invited to see and join the process of creating a designer item. In the final part, where we mixed theater and fashion performances, Ukrainian brands Dzhus, Gudu or Whatever showed their collections under the common idea – The Misteriyage.

The masks on the mystical party masquerade hid the Ukrainian designers Svetlana Bevza, Natasha Kamenskaya, Ivan Frolov, Jean Gritsfeldt, Anna October, and Artem Klimchuk, artists Masha Shubina and Ilya Chichkan, restaurant owners Alina Kosichkina and Dmitry Zahodyakin, singer Nata Smirina, and stylists Nadia Shapoval and Yulia Pelipas.

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