Viral PR campaign for the vegan brand “Zelena Korova”
“Zelena Korovа”(eng.“Green Cow”) is a young Ukrainian brand of vegan products. The company started with local sales and gradually began to expand to the national level. To strengthen the market positions, the brand needed a lot of information support, but there was no budget for large media and promotion.
Increase brand awareness through vibrant viral communication.
Having a minimal budget for promotion, we integrated the brand into the world's top series “Game of Thrones” and attracted Hollywood star Richard Break to the campaign. The actor was perfect for communication because he was a vegetarian. To make the “Zelena Korovа” a part of pop culture, we developed an alternate continuation of the series in which the Green сow becomes the main spirit animal of all White Walkers, inspiring them to turn to the side of good and become green. In collaboration with the star actor of the series, we told the audience about this and due to this fueled public interest in the mysterious green cow and caused a wave of discussions about a possible continuation of the series. The Night King's address lasted only 15 seconds, but it was enough to intrigue fans with a new plot twist. And at the end of his speech, the hero said that Zelena Korova is coming. The video with the actor quickly went viral and sparked a lot of theories and discussion among the audience. On their social media, the brand played along with its new series role and released a series of vegan recipes from the TV-Show.